How Often Do Leopard Geckos Poop?

Leopard geckos are usually very easy to care for. They don’t need a lot of special attention and they’re generally pretty healthy. One question people often ask is “how often do leopard geckos poop?” This …

How Often Do Leopard Geckos Poop

Leopard geckos are usually very easy to care for. They don’t need a lot of special attention and they’re generally pretty healthy. One question people often ask is “how often do leopard geckos poop?” This blog post will answer that question as well why would leopard geckos not poop and many more! 

How often do leopard geckos poop? Even if I so desperately wish to give an exact answer to this question, it doesn’t really have one. The number of times a leopard gecko poop depends on the geckos’ age, health, and especially their diet. But an average result could always be given. A baby gecko would poop an average time of once every day, while a Juvenile would poop thrice a week and an adult leopard gecko 1-2 times a week. But this would always change according to the health and diet of your pet

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Why Would A Leopard Gecko Not Poop?

The most common reasons why your pet gecko isn’t pooping are:

1. It is not eating enough

One of the main reasons a leopard gecko wouldn’t poop is poor appetite. Without enough food, the animal wouldn’t be able to poop properly. Check up on how much your pet eats, if it eats less than the regular amount, check why it’s not eating. Maybe it doesn’t like the food, or the foods are too big. Maybe it is getting ready to shed off its skin. Try feeding it with something else, like earthworms it might work.

2. It is dehydrated

A dehydrated leopard gecko can get problems with pooping. It’s important to make sure your leopards get enough water at all times. We suggest adding a freshwater bowl daily so they don’t become thirsty. You could also wash it with a wet paper towel or give it a bath. You could know that your gecko is dehydrated if it has sunken, wrinkly skin.

leopard gecko water
How Often Do Leopard Geckos Poop? 4

3. Tank temperature too low/ high

Leopard geckos have very sensitive stomachs that don’t tolerate cold water well at all. They prefer warm water between 25°C – 30°C. So when they’re kept outside during winter, their tanks must stay above 20°C.

When keeping them inside during summertime, make sure your aquarium has good ventilation and keep the temperature around 24°C. You may also want to consider adding an air conditioner to cool down the room.

Always make sure to give your leopard gecko an optimum tank temperature.

4. Changing the Gecko’s environment

It could be that you have moved your leopard gecko from one tank to another or even just added new water into its current tank. In either case, make sure that everything is set up correctly before adding your pet into the changed tank.

Also, don’t forget to clean the filter! Filters get clogged easily when they’re dirty. Clean them once per month. You can use aquarium cleaner tablets or liquid cleaners.

changing leopard geckos habitat will not make it poop
How Often Do Leopard Geckos Poop? 5

5. Your Gecko might be constipated/ impacted

The most common reason for a leopard gecko being impacted is a loose substrate used in the tanks. Leopard geckos, especially the younger ones might eat the loose substrate which in turn would cause poor digestion and your pet gecko will have trouble pooping properly. If this occurs, feed the leopard gecko 2 drops of vegetable oil daily. You could also give it a bath in lukewarm water while gently messaging its belly. Refrain from feeding your gecko until the impacted loose substrate leaves the gecko’s body. 

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What Does Leopard Gecko Poop Look Like?

Leopard Gecko Poop is similar to that of other reptiles: It has a brownish color with some yellow or white spots on top. The brownish one would be the poop while the yellow/ white the urates (solid pee). The size varies depending on what type of food they are eating. If they’re fed live prey such as crickets, there may be more fecal matter than if they were fed frozen blood worms.

Does Leopard Gecko Poop Smell?

Leopard gecko poop does smell, especially when it’s fresh. The smell will reduce once the poop dries. However, the fresh poop wouldn’t give off a large odor so it’s unlikely for you to face odor issues. But it would still be best if you clean the poop. Since leopard geckos usually poop in the same place, it’s best to keep a well-absorbing towel at that place so that you can replace it when you notice the poop.

Bottom Line

All in all, how often a leopard gecko poops will depend on many aspects. We hope that our article has helped you understand how to properly look after your leopard gecko. We have provided some tips and tricks so that you can easily handle your leopards. It’s important to know what kind of diet your gecko requires and how much time you spend caring for him/her.

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