We are a team of pet reptile experts with decades of cumulative experience. We love to share our knowledge and help people learn more about the fascinating world of reptiles, from geckos to turtles! ReptilesRule is all about taking care of pet reptiles, especially geckos. We provide in-depth informative guides and how-to on pet reptiles so that you can be confident when caring for your exotic friend. Whether you have just brought home a new lizard or turtle, or are an expert yourself looking for answers – we’ve got you covered!

ReptilesRule is a website that specializes in caring for pet reptiles. We have been keeping exotic pets since 2010 and are excited to share our knowledge with you! When it comes to owning a pet reptile, there’s no such thing as too much information. Our goal is to teach people how take care of their pets by providing them with an abundance of resources on the subject. Whether you’re looking for supplies or want some help choosing your new scaly friend, ReptilesRule has everything you need!


Anne Mason is a Part-time Social Media Manager and the author of ReptilesRule.co. Anne has two loving boys and an amazing husband who also loves reptiles! She enjoys reading books, playing tennis, and taking care of her four pet geckos.